Touching Base Day

Two years ago today, my older brother Greg sent us (his parents and siblings) an email just updating us on what he had been doing.  He was about a week into a two or three month work assignment in Scotland.  He wrote telling us a little about his job and his coworkers and his apartment and the church he found and attended the weekend before.  
Of course, neither he when he wrote the email nor any of us when we read it had any idea what would happen the next night.  You see, the next day my 50-year-old brother, seemingly in good health, went to sleep in Edinburgh, Scotland and woke up with Jesus.  
I am so glad he took the time that day to touch base with us.  I cherish that email, and even though it makes me cry to read it and to write about it now, I’m so very grateful to have it.  It gives us a little glimpse into his days there.  And more importantly it’s a reminder his place in our family and of his love for us.
So, in my life, I want to set September 28th apart as a personal holiday, perhaps a holy day.  “Touching Base Day” “Day of Touching Base”  It’s not catchy, doesn’t exactly flow off the tongue.  Actually, though, in reflecting on the name, I think I like it.  It’s a baseball reference, which of course is a good connection with Greg,  But it also causes me to consider my base.  What things are so important to me as to be foundational, the bases on which I stand and build my life?
I want to remember on this day to reflect on the things I have set as my base and to consider if they are solid.  I want to take time to “touch base” in a little more intentional way with the foundational people in my life, my family and those sisters and brothers in Christ who walk alongside me.  I want to “touch base” with the people I love, to share a little about my life and to let them know I love and appreciate them.  And I want to spend a little extra time “touching base” with my Savior, the true and only solid foundation.
So, Greg, thank you so much for the note that day.  It was just a little thing when I received it.  But it means so much now.  Thanks for “touching base” with that email and with your life.

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  1. Thank you so much, dear friend, for sharing this with us. Praising the Lord for your friendship and love. Thinking of you as you relive wonderful memories of your brother Greg

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