Monitoring My Heart (And His)

This weekend I found myself wearing a Holter monitor. For forty-eight hours every beat of my heart was recorded. In great detail, I assume, since there were five different electrodes placed strategically on me to record every heartbeat and electrical impulse. When I return the monitor tomorrow, someone will download the information


recorded on it. That person will be able to look at the record and know what I’ve done this weekend. They will know when I laid down and when I got up. They’ll know when I ate a big meal and when I ran. And they’ll know what moved my heart, when it was stirred, and when it rested. Pondering this made me wonder what the person could tell of me, the real me, by my holter monitor and 48 hours of my life. I found it a little unsettling.

And then I thought: there is One who knows every beat of my heart. When my heart began to beat at 6 weeks gestation, he knew it. And he will know every pulse and every electrical impulse until my heart’s final beat. He knows when I lie down and when I rise.  He knows when I feed myself and when I run and when I sit quietly. He knows what moves my heart, when my heart is stirred, and when I find rest.

I find that amazing! And strangely comforting. Then I considered that he knows the same for all seven billion people alive today. All at the same time. And he knows it for all the maybe 100 billion people who previously lived on this planet. And he has all that information at his recall at any time. And he doesn’t get it confused. He doesn’t confuse what moved my heart, and in what manner, on March 2, 2013 with what moved someone else’s heart on that date or with what has ever moved anyone else’s heart since the beginning of time. And he doesn’t lose me, my heartbeat, in that flood of data. Mine is one of billions, but my heart is never off his mind. And he is forever actively wooing it and protecting and caring for it. How can this be?

My musings led me to worship him. What other response is there to such a One as this? I can think of no other. One this astounding must be worshiped!  There is no one like him!

Then my thoughts took another turn. I don’t expect the monitor to reveal any problems in my physical heart. I’m sure the doctor who prescribed it doesn’t either. It was just a precaution. But if there are any problems, we would both certainly be grateful for the Holter monitor so we can find them and address and correct them. So, for that reason, I welcomed the monitoring, bulky recorder, long dangling wires, sticky electrodes, and all. In the same way, I welcome the Holy Spirit’s monitoring, even if it is at times uncomfortable. Because if (and when) there are problems in my spiritual heart, I don’t want them to remain undetected causing damage. I want the two of us to discover them, and address and correct them. I will invite him to monitor me on a regular basis.

Finally, my musings led me to turn and wonder about his heart. What moves the heart of One so immense, so remarkable? What stirs it? And in what does he find rest? I realize he wants me to know. He invites me to monitor his heart.  He invites me to learn of his passions and his sufferings and to share in them with him. He tells me what moves his heart is when I love him above all else and when I care for the poor and oppressed and the fatherless and outcast as he does. And he invites me to monitor his heart, to track it, to ask him to reveal it to me more and more. Holy Spirit, allow me to monitor the Father’s heart.  Make it known to me and sync my heart with his so we can beat as one.


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