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Thoughts On The Planned Parenthood Scandal or Where Did We Think We’d Find Ourselves?

What did we think would happen?

Where did we think this path would lead? Where did we expect to find ourselves?

When we decided that unborn babies were not human, what did we think would happen?

When we realized that unborn babies were probably human but decided their lives were not worth defending, where did we think the path would lead?

When science showed us undeniably that unborn babies were human but we decided that the one we were carrying, or that our daughter/wife/girlfriend carried, would negatively effect our lives and, therefore, must be destroyed, where did we think that would take us?

Planned Parenthood selling babies’ body parts, Kermit Gosnell’s horrifying clinic with trash bags and milk jugs of babies’ bodies, uncounted incidences around the country where babies were born alive during abortion procedures only to have their spinal cords severed with scissors — aren’t these natural outcomes of denying the humanity of people we don’t want. The results are shocking. Horrifying. Disgusting. Incomprehensible. But, really, should we be surprised?

And, in reality, why should we care?

If these babies are not human, if they carry no intrinsic value simply by being, if we deem them disposable, why would we care what people do with their remains? Can we pretend to dignify their lives with feigned respect after we’ve approved of their murders? Would a more subtle disposal of their bodies make any difference?

Did we expect those who snuff out the lives of babies, one after another, day after day, to remain unchanged? Did we expect their hearts to remain tender? Did we think our nation would remain unchanged? Where did think we’d find ourselves?

And, this is a hard question to pose, but what difference does it make? As a nation we want the right to discard our children at will, to kill those who are inconvenient. Does it matter, then, what people do with their remains? What if we treated aborted babies with respect. What if, after each abortion, a bell tolled and there was a moment of silence? Would it change anything? If we buried each aborted baby in a cherry casket lined with satin and trimmed with cherubs, would it matter? A person who was alive is now dead at our hands.

Of course partial-birth abortion is horrifying. It’s barbaric.

Of course, profiting from the sale of human body parts is shocking. It’s inhuman.

But we have given our approval to the killing of our babies. We’ve allowed people to profit by their deaths. We’ve taken our wives and daughters and girlfriends to the killing centers. We’ve abandoned women in need so they believed their child’s death was their only option. We’ve pretended killing a child was sometimes a caring choice. We’ve turned our heads so we wouldn’t have to see it. And the result is the same. A person who was alive is now dead at our hands.

And then we have the nerve to be outraged about what people do with the leftover parts. Dear friends, brothers and sisters, where did we think we’d find ourselves?