Monthly Archives: January 2017

Time Out, Please

One regret I have about our world today is the lack of time.
We don’t take time anymore — time to listen, time to read, time to ponder and consider motives and effects, time to pray, time to allow something to percolate or the real substance to be distilled.
We don’t have time anymore — time to gather information and form our own thoughts, time to be uncertain for right now about how we feel about an issue, time to have conversations with those around us whose wisdom we respect. Our news feed fills with what those managing our media perceive we already believe, news that reinforces our already-held slants and fears. Memes are made, slogans generated, tweets retweeted, reactionary rallies formed. Celebrities speak and politicians react. People rush to the front lines of the new battle that has formed; we don’t want history to find us having done nothing. University presidents and ministry leaders feel compelled to make a statement because people are demanding to know where they stand on this issues. “Are you for or against?”
This all happens in the first 24 or 48 hours and is based, of course, on partial and changing information because the whole truth isn’t available yet, only first impressions and sound bites.
I am sorry and more than a little frightened about the rush we are in.
I have decided that I will breathe and I will pray and I will learn what I can. I will take time for conversation with those around me. I will think. And when I have had time, when I am a little wiser, when it is time, if it is my time, I will speak and I will act.