Monthly Archives: September 2018

The Slow Growth of New Rhythm

This past spring I was invited to develop a Rule/Rhythm of Life, a plan for living in such a way that fosters love for God, love for my neighbor, and care for myself.

Since purposeful engagement and intentionality is what I’m being called toward and since distraction, sloth, and meaningless activity are my personal kryptonite, I was grateful for this invitation to be intentional about connecting with God, engaging with others, and honoring my identity as God’s beloved child.

What I found, however, is that making a “Rule” and making it my “Rhythm” are two different things. Both require the ministry of God’s Holy Spirit, but one happened with a few days of reflection; the other is taking much longer. 

If I want to be purposeful about my days, I need to get up and get going in the morning without getting distracted. And if I want to do that, I need to go to bed with a plan for morning and I need to go to bed at a time that allows for adequate rest. These are written into my Rule of Life — have been since the end of March — but they are oh-so-slowly becoming my Rhythm of Life. 

This morning’s sunrise run marked progress: I woke at six fully rested, pulled on my running clothes laid out last night, grabbed my Bible for Thursday morning prayer at 7:30 at the church, and headed off to the reservoir where for three miles I celebrated slow growth and new beginnings with God under a beautiful morning sky.

Now, I know that people see sunrises all the time. But I don’t. For me to be up, dressed, outside, and heading purposefully into my day by this time represents growth. I had to stop once or twice to take in the beauty and celebrate with pictures. And as I rounded the last bend, God greeted me with a tiny little rainbow right in front of me. I think many saw the sunrise today, but the rainbow just might have been God’s smile as he celebrated with me.


How about you? Where are you seeing signs of growth in your life? Remember to celebrate them with the Giver of new life. (He might even send a little rainbow to your party just to delight your soul.)